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tried on sunday night..

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by katblack77, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. katblack77

    katblack77 Active Member

    Well after a huge argument with my mum and also after thinking about doing it for six months, I over dosed. This strange sensation washed over me and i grapped all my tablets to hand and then my boyfriend found me and grabbed the rest of what i had left and everything else in the house. Well went to a&e and they were fantastic. No serious damage done but I had thr opportunity to speak with a lovely mental health nurse and came home and felt a good better. He is going to refer me to a better shrink.
    The strange thing was, was that I felt comforted being in that bed on the ward being supported and i have never felt as peaceful.

    It's the after effect which is making me feel so bad. I text my best mate to tell her and then never heard from her for days until I asked her why and she said that it wasn't something to discuss over the phone. All my other friends got in touch though. Then I asked them all round to my house tonight as I wanted to see everyone and try to move on and relax.

    But no, according to my three best mates this is in very bad taste. So i texted my so called best friend and asked why this was such a problem. So rand and ranted down the phone at me about how i should stop texting her and if i needed proper help that she would be there for me. I was so pissed off that i told her i didn't need her help and she said fine-good luck with everything.

    So long story short why do you feel like a person with an infectable disease having overdose and some ppl don't what to call or they alll want to see me on an individual basis and not in a group situation as all i was asking for was support and not a party as they assumed so.
  2. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    i'm glad you were treated so well at the hospital, i also have a mental health nurse and she's been my number one support as i move forward.

    i can't explain why your friends are responding as they did, except to say maybe your overdose was a terrible shock to them and they are having difficulty responding. i know what it's like to be misinterpreted. both the nurse and the psych got frustrated with me after my attempt because they said i was being "light-hearted" or "joking" about it but that's just how i cope, by cracking jokes all the time. it gets me through. i had to reassure them that i was taking my recovery seriously. :)

    it just occurred to me that your friends may want some time with you to share how *they* feel about your attempt and feel horrified at the thought of doing it in front a group. even if you didnt' want to talk about it last night it would still be the big elephant in the room.

    so, did the hospital send you home with any supports?

  3. katblack77

    katblack77 Active Member

    catherine... I think your completey right and thanks for the reply, it means a hell of a lot. They said they got a massive shock nad didn't known what to do. Well i stilll used my parents address in a different hospital trust so the mental health nurse thinks i've been let down by the health service to date and to change dr's and asked to be referred to the hospital i was seen at last sunday. But is it just me or has anyone else at peace with themselves at hospital, like this strange feeling of being very protected?
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