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tried yesterday

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Tried to actually go through with it yesterday. Was up on the mountain and was going to sit in a lake to get hypothermia (it's been getting pretty cold here, lately). Was spotted by someone. Unfortunately, they talked me out of it. I woke up this morning and feel a hundred times worse.:sad:


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I'm new here, haven't got a chance to read most of the posts yet, but i'd like to give you a big hug, happy for you to still be posting here, and hoping you'll still be here for a long time...

I know nothing about that.

If you wanna chat tonight instead of trying again, i'll be here...
I attempted suicide by overdosing on <mod edit: bunny - methods>. It was the worst experience of my life. First of all, it does not guarantee death. It will make you terribbly sick for about 3 days (extreme nausea....and you will develop jaundice, which basically turns your skin yellow). Then your liver will begin to fail (I was treated before that could happen). I can only imagine what that would feel like. But enough about this overdosing crap. What's the problem? Why are you feeling this way?
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Yes it's awful, It's very painful, take it from one who knows, I'm going through it right now, don't do it. Wish I was more imaginative:unsure:


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My ex has been playing games with respect to me having visitation with my son. She will dangle him out there, offering to let me see him on her weeks, then yank him away, telling me "you can only see him on your weeks". She only lets me see him when she wants something out of me (things, or to "babysit" him while she goes on dates). Then, when she gets mad, she says I can't see him anymore, except on my weeks. My son and I are more like brothers; we do everything together. She knows how much I love him, and how much I want to spend time with him. And she uses him to hurt me. It's bad enough she ran off to Kuwait for 8 months, leaving he and I alone (she's not in the military, she didn't have to go), while she was going out and having an affair over there (which she has admitted to). Now she's using my son as a weapon. I can't live like this anymore. I wish that person had never found me up at the lake. :sad:
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