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    this is



    i feel


    all the time.


    all the time.

    i know

    ...that she suffered.

    ...that i must




    that others

    do not.

    but it's so




    what i have learned is this:

    all of us who have been there before-- who have sat in front of that huge bottle of pills, the razorblade, who have gripped the car steeringwheel and said "This is it for me..", all of us who have felt so backed into a corner and hurt and scared and desperate that we have come this close to ending our lives...

    we don't understand, even if we think we do, the terrible mess it leaves behind.

    even if we think that our family couldn't possibly blame us for leaving. even if we think that our friends couldn't possibly blame themselves because they know what we were going through. even if we think that nobody would bat an eye...

    we are wrong.

    and i hope you all believe

  2. Sa Palomera

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    I believe you.
    And I know you're right.
    Which is exactly why I'm still alive in the first place. The realization how much it'd hurt the ones around me, made me choose not to kill myself. It made me fight. It made me make the decision to try and make the best of life.

    I hope everyone who's suicidal will come to that decision. Because like SaxItUp said: it WILL hurt the ones around you. They WILL blame themselves. It'll devastate people...