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  1. danz

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    I could sit in my bathtub and slash at my wrist
    looking back at my life it’s such a suitable twist
    I could jump from a height and crash to my death
    I hope when I land it leaves behind a hell of a mess
    I could set up the noose and hang myself from a tree
    swinging from the branches maybe then I’d truly be free
    I could swallow and take a whole bunch of these pills
    that would show all those dickheads and dills
    I could take to the ocean and let myself drown
    It’s ironic seen as life has me so fucking weighed down
    I could wait at the subway and leap in front of a train
    I’d get dragged for a while but it would end all of my pain
    I could load the 45 and point the gun at my head
    no questioning that power and for sure I’d be dead
    as I ponder the options and decide what’s best for me
    method is part of the plan but I know success is the key
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