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    Why? Why is it alright for guys to act that way? Why do people always back up unwanted advances (the extreamly pushy ones) with the phrase "He was only having a little fun"?

    I've had it happen that I've run to a friend after a seriously uncomfortable night and been told that - and in the end I had to go to upstairs to the guy and apologise, all because I ran away from sex I didn't want. What a bad girl, can't do that in this sex-crazed world, can I? Because it's "just a little fun..."

    I wonder, will it still be "just a little fun" when I start squeezing really hard when you force me to put my hand there? Or if I decide to beat the daylights out of you?

    Seriously, I have some weight behind me now, so the next guy to try this had better really watch out, because if it's no fun for me, I'm gonna make sure it's no fun for you either...
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    I've never been in a situation like this but you really have no need to apologise. These people don't understand what you are going through. Sex-crazed the world may be, but that gives him no rights to push you like that. I know we probably shouldn't be promoting violence on here but you know what? Someone who does that to you certainly deserves something back.

    I'm sorry you had to go through that RSA, but its a good thing it didn't get out of hand. Hang in there and dont let them push you into sex you dont want.
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    RSA :hug: :hug: you can always PM me if you need to talk :arms: