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  1. Drinking the alcohol,
    dizziness occurs,
    slur of speech,
    the water runs down my cheeks,
    tear by tear, they crawl,
    knowing what I know,
    my heart torn into pieces,
    my soul has been ripped,
    because I loved you,
    all of this happening in the same night,
    how can I take this?
    I feel like I'm going to fall,
    and never get back up again,
    the tears pouring uncontrollably now,
    and I start drinking more,
    then knocks at the door,
    'leave me alone', I shout,
    the knocks disappear,
    running to my room,
    crying in my pillow,
    soaking it with the water pouring from my eyes,
    asleep I fall,
    waking up,
    dizzy and sick,
    hurting inside,
    with all the lies,
    flooding my mind,
    I stand up,
    walk downstairs,
    turn on my music,
    and cry,
    Why does everyone want to hurt me so bad?
    What did I do?
    Why do I always loose?
    My heart has been torn,
    too many times,
    my mind has been messed with,
    so far I don't want to live,
    my body can't take much more,
    it's like battling a war,
    I fall to the floor,
    tears dripping,
    eyes swollen and red,
    nose blocked,
    mind is clouded,
    heart is shattered,
    standing up and sitting on this chair,
    wondering how long I'll last till,
    I'm at deaths bed,
    perfectly still,
    stone cold,
    ghostly pale,
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  2. ari

    ari Staff Alumni

    :hug: sarah I am glad that you were able to write out these feelings and things that go on inside the was a wonderful piece...keep writing, I do believe in some small way that in doing so helps us cope.
  3. LittleSparkles13

    LittleSparkles13 Well-Known Member

    I think that this is really good. Well written.

    I'm here though if you need to talk.

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