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    I saw a marathon on TV last night called 1000 ways to die..I watched the first two shows and could feel my self slipping in to a deep depression..So I turned it off.. I think that show should never have been aired on TV..With so many people that suffer from SI and deep depression.. Just had to get that off my chest.. Right now my SI is still there.. What do you think??
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    Could you report it to the main office of the channel. What channel was it? They probaberbly have site and ways you can contact them and complain. Would you do that as it could affect many others around :hug:
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    Aww i wish you did not go there i don't understand how they could air such a show i be there will be many complaints about it dumb asses they are.
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    i know the show, and the beginning does say that everything in the show is graphic and viewer discression is advised. so i believe the show channel/makers or whatever are aware of it. some people do enjoy watching shows like that, while it harms others.
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    I've seen the show. It's premise is to portray many "funny" unusual but true and documented human deaths. I have a good sense of humor but this television series is just another coarsening of the culture and desensitizing of viewers to human suffering.

    It's hard to not gawk at a car accident Joseph but please change the television channel. This show is very triggering with it's cavalier posture over death.
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