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Im not sure what happened but something must have triggered me.

i do not really have reasons to do it but the thoughts of suicide keep wandering in my head and i cannot stop them.

suicide looks so sweet and nice... the only thing that could give me the peace im looking for. and i know it would be good because when i overdosed a few months ago, peace was really all that i felt.

i want to feel that peace again. and i know that i'll never feel it if i stay alive.

i dont want to die, i dont want to live, i just want peace.
Today i believe there is nothing after death but if you ask me tommorrow i'll probably believe in reincarnation of your past life.

What i'm trying to say is there is no knowing what happens After death so please seek out help or go to the ER because you seem to have twisted suicide into something dangerous like a drug for you.

Please take care of yourself because i'm sure you're a really good person.


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You need to go to the ER or A&E.. The thoughts you are haveing are negative.. You need to get somewhere safe.. Depression is lieing to you.. It's good at that.. Don't be afraid, get some help...


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Maybe the suicide attempt was like advanced self harm, very satisfying in some ways. channels the issues away from the brain.

anyway if you are continually thinking about suicide then you need to find help.

stay safe.
i keep thinking about it, but i dont have the right pills to try and i hate it.

but i cant continue pretending im fine.

i need help but nobody can help me.

because i dont want to get well and live.
I feel that way sometimes. Most of us here do. But I'm not trying to encourage you about it. What I wanted to say is that what if we try to find peace while we're still alive? Isn't there a much more beautiful feeling in that than dying. SO please. Get some help as soon as you can. You're too beautiful to let go of the life you have. We're here if you need more help.
it's becoming an obsession.

i cant think of anything else, i cant distract myself...

those pills and suicide is all i can think about...

which is good if i really want to kill myself, but is bad if i dont want to hurt my family.

i dont know how to go on
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