Triggering Maybe But I encourage you to read.

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    We came into the world like brother and brother;
    And now let's go hand in hand, not one before another.
    ~William Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors


    We used to be a pattern of elegance and beauty,
    Like a butterfly's wing.
    Mother nature breed us to be.
    No set wings look the same obviously.
    I swallowed the sins of the world quietly.
    While you fluttered about gracefully.
    Slow with your words and quick with your body.
    Everyone came to know your name eventually.
    "I'm not a slut, I just want them to leave with a piece of me."
    They look at you the way Daddy did.
    Eyes glazed over,
    I can smell the liquor.
    Shut up world I don't want to listen to the next room.
    The rustling of sheets.
    Like everyone whispering profanities.
    Burning holes in my chest and humanity.
    I'm afraid of the patterns on the wings.
    Left alone to play with my insanity.
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Not open for further replies.