Triggering Poem, title is secret

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by L108935, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Firstly, I'm gonna start the thread with something cool.

    :showoff: ...I like weight lifting.

    The poem in this thread is my latest masterpiece :cool:
    So, here's the poem (I can't say the title on the internet):

    steaming Clouds, they pierce me Cold
    hammering my spine
    Haul me through, don't Hook me forth
    pretense, false divine
    so fucking solid, desiring Only One
    songs and poems chopped so fine
    running Over liquid, Orange laughter sinking blue
    speeding, ignoring every sign
    fucking Screaming, fucking Still
    steal this life of mine
    Everything that's done, just Enemies to kill
    throwing blood over your shine

    Two sides of everyone, Tides will never drown
    every night of life i feared
    Ongoing circle, Operating on a virus
    my fucking conscience has been seared

    Death will be the shadow, and Dying is the light
    cheating for a lie
    the Instant reactions, when nothing is Implied
    a waste, you didn't even try
    wonder if the world Ever listens in Eternity
    those fucking words won't fucking fly
    duplicate it all, never once, do it twice

    The capitalized letters in this poem spell out CHOOSE TO DIE, but there's 2 of each letter (for a certain triggering reason in which I will not discuss).

    If this poem is simply too directly triggering, then tell me to remove it (or if you're a mod/admin, then just delete it if necessary).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.