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  1. hammockmonkey

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    My coworker works at a hospital. He was telling me about a 3-year-old girl found wandering the back roads of a country town. She had many bruises over her whole body, some were old and healing, others were fresh. She had a bald spot on the top part of her head from her hair being pulled. The side of her head had been shaved some too, I don't know why. She had a broken arm and a broken ankle. A healed up broken clavicle and signs of other healed broken bones. There were signs she had been sexually assaulted, anally and vaginally. The mother is in jail and the 15 year old sibling is in custody, some reports that other minors were present as well. No mention of a father. It appears the whole family was abusing the girl.

    A nurse at the hospital just became a foster mother and is going to be able to take the child for the first part of her stay in the foster system. At least she is starting somewhere where the foster parents know what the child has been through. And, one of them has medical training.

    The girl is now being held at social services and is being interviewed carefully by police (hopefully psychologists too) this girl may now be destroyed by a bureaucratic system that cannot care for the individual at all. While the nurse may know what has happened to the girl, there is no guarantee that she will be able to keep the child for that long, I don't know how foster systems work at all. I mean, maybe she'll fully adopt her . . . Or, maybe the girl will be passed along to be forgotten in the system.

    I just had my nephew visiting so I have a fresh image in my mind of the innocence of children. It's magic. I can't wrap my head around the depravity of the crimes. There is nothing worse then destroying a child's life.

    I'm sorry for posting this, I can't get the story out of my mind and I want to so I thought writing it would help.
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    Undoubtedly someone has thought I couldn't tell you who. The thing to remember is the the earth's crust is relatively thin and floats on a viscous magma "ocean". Picture wood chips, like those used in garden mulch, floating on the sea. Gravitational influences are going to affect any liquid. As magma rises and falls the crust moves with it. This tidal effect is partly responsible for keeping the mantle liquid due to the enormous amount of friction (hence earthquakes). The same effect is believed to occurring on Jupiter's moon, Europa, accounting for the fissured ice on the surface. It is hoped that this planetary core warming caused by tidal pull from Jupiter could possibly produce conditions like those found in the mid Atlantic rift, black smokers, that have been found to harbour life based on chemical energy instead of solar energy.
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    I feel so sorry for that poor child. :cry:
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    I can only imagine how much pain and suffering that little girl is going through. At this point, she's probably torn in between warring emotions from within her. I can't even begin to state how disgusted and annoyed I am to hear that her own flesh and blood could do something so barbaric like this to such a young and innocent girl.

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