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Please let us know more about why you do not feel safe.

Is this danger from your own self as regards thoughts of suicide?

Or are you living in some kind of abusive relationship - family or so on?

As you have written so little - I hope you can add some more - so that we can advise you more.

Of course, because you are in the UK I can say that if you really think you will harm yourself - you can go to the nearest hospital or one with a mental health ward situated.

It would be better if you had someone you knew speak to you - is there anyone close you can talk to or any family who understand the situation.

Just let us know you are alright for now and I can add more - as I'm off out for a bit of fresh air. It is raining were I am - and although it is a long shot - I see your screen-name might indicate support of a particular football team?

Sorry to be so short in reply but will answer as soon as I get back.

Sorry to see you feeling this way - but glad you have said something - because that connects you to someone who cares.

I really hope you are OK - please let us know and good luck for now.

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I know that feeling hun i do hope you reach out to someone okay stay safe call your therapist doctor let themknow how you are feeling or go to hospital okay Hugs to you


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There is no need to worry about the hospital.. It's not like in the movies..They are clean and have floor techs walking around who keep an eye on you so no one bothers you..I would take a book because you do alot of waiting around..You will see a pdoc once a day and maybe a therapist..They hold groups also so you can taslk about what brought you there..


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this morning...im still here and didnt attempt last night, i need to go slice and slice in the shower now..did some research last night on methods...its helped finalise my plan


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My best friend (well, only friend) killed herself earlier this year. You are not alone but do not bottle up feelings. You can talk openly on here, no-one will judge you.
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