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  1. mpang123

    mpang123 Well-Known Member

    As some have noticed, I've entered several new threads today. I want to explain that I get triggered about suicide when I see EMS responding to someone either here at my apartment complex or even from just sirens of EMS passing by. I wonder if it's common for people to get bad feelings from them, especially when you have been rescued by them before. They seem to trigger my suicide ideations or past experiences with them.
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    There are some triggers that seem common to people with certain histories, however, since triggers are a sensory perception triggering a memory, it may differ for people...recognizing what is affecting you is important so that you can let it fade and not have to respond from the gut when you experience it
  3. Neverforget

    Neverforget Member

    It's been almost 4 yrs since the ambulances and the EMTs were coming for me. In the first few years, I used to be embarassed when cops and EMTs would recognize me (I live in a small town). Today I wave and smile at them. They saved my life and I am really glad I stayed around to be a parent to my children.

    I took my kids and dog to the park today. It was a good day, and I felt good, in a way that I didn't think I would 4 yrs ago.
  4. panoply

    panoply Banned Member

    I am triggered by portcullises, yellow food and cats whose names begin with the letter 'T'.
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