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trigggered by me

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jane doe

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i´m so dessesperated , i need to SI and i prefer be dead to not doing it i feel i´m in crisis, i just don´t know what else to say becaus ei can´t even think about anything just hurt myself or die. why am i so insane ?did i do something to deserve this? if feel i don´t woth you effort to try to cheer me up so i´m not hoping replyes..


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You're worth every effort, every reply and every single kind word (and more).
Please don't give up. You're strong enough to make it through this. :hug:


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Well your getting a reply anyway, I think the same as you sometimes, it might not seem like it because in alot of my posts I'm really up-beat, but thats because I like to cheer people up and I know that works alot of the time.

Just yesterday (or the day before depending) I had a knife at my wrist, really wishing that I could be gone from the world, that the pain would stop, that I wouldn't be "crazy" anymore, but neither of us is really insane, we just don't understand ourselves sometimes.

I really want you to stay alive, but I guess I'm not really in a position to make you, you're the only one who can make that decision.
You are well worth every second of time spent in helping you to get through this. You have done nothimg to deserve feeling this way, nor are you a bad person. We all have our times of struggle. Some people face more than others and at times it seems so unfair. I don't think you are insane at all. In times of depression, bad thoughts consume us most of the time. Please do not get down on yourself for these thoughts. Do what you can to overcome them. You can do this. :hug:

jane doe

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the thing is i´m at my bf´s house and i already brke a promess i made to him to not hurt myself here, because is the only place where he can help me, and i´m afraid to do it again, and that he finds out the truth. i´m really down tonight , and i apreciate your kind words, i just want everything ends because i´m sad.thank you, really
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