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Okay... what the fuck is Trileptal? According to Google, it's not even an antidepressant! It's working for me, it really is I think... but can anyone give me a good site or a good explanation about it?


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It's a mood stabiliser - quite a few depressed people are put on stabilisers rather than anti-depressants, and most of the times stabilisers work really well for the people they're prescribed for.


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Mood Stabilizers help anti-depressants to work better. I think "smooth things out", less highs/lows. Trileptal, Tradozone, Lamictal. Also, don't be shy about asking the doctor or nurse that is what they are there for. They are supposed to know. I am on it for the first time. Dunno if it helps, cannot notice difference.

check other links: www.rxlist.com, etc--ask ppl in chat too.
People here know more sites.

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