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    Existing isn't really
    Nor is surviving
    Just being alive is worse than being dead
    At least in death there is better kind of nothing
    Existence is nothing
    Surviving is nothing
    The basic state of simply being alive
    Is far worse than nothing.


    Breathing in for the sake of oxygenating blood cells
    Which in turn oxygenate organs
    Breathing out returns carbon to the trees
    Breathing when you have nothing left to breath for is hell
    The trees care not if you breath
    And when neither do you
    You are in hell
    Because, biologically speaking
    you have no choice in the matter


    I'm not like them, but I can pretend
    but I'm not like us either
    US are the insane, the mentally ill
    those who require supervision, and who frequently are under lock and key supervision
    THEY are also the normals. Functional, healthy and plain boring people
    So who am I then?
    I am me, but I am no one, but I could be someone.
    I don't have a place. I exist between two worlds.
    Alone, misunderstood, maybe misdiagnosed, and quite possibly maligned
    Intellect and charm can only get you so far.
    But apparently that line is a good life.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.