Triple Threat

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    Live. Laugh. Love.

    Came. Saw. Destroyed.

    Here. There. Everywhere.

    Then. Now. Never.

    Which. Why. When.

    This. That. The Other.

    Yes. No. Maybe.

    Heart. Mind. Soul.

    Peace. Love. Happiness.

    Him. Her. Them.

    You. Me. Us.

    First. Last. Middle.

    White. Black. Grey.

    Flying. Falling. Fearless.

    Waiting. Hoping. Praying.

    Bright. Sunny. Day.

    Dark. Starry. Night.

    Icy. Freezing. Cold.

    Fiery. Burning. Heat.

    Beaten. Battered. Broken.

    Love. Lost. Loneliness.

    Hopes. Dreams. Wishes.

    Fears. Hate. Hurt.

    Light. Dark. Emptiness.

    Time. Space. Destiny.

    Life. Death. Rebirth.

    Heaven. Hell. Lost In-between.

    Good. Bad. Neutral.

    Best. Worst. Average.

    Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful.

    Give. Take. Exchange.

    Hurt. Pain. Suffering.

    Try. Strive. Succeed.

    Faith. Belief. Trust.

    Wisdom. Intelligence. Cunning.

    Reason. Logic. Knowing.

    Mystic. Magic. Doing.

    Empathy. Compassion. Love.

    Good. Great. Amazing.

    Poem. Story. Epic.

    Art. Science. Understanding.

    Memory. Legacy. Immortality.

    Sacred. Profane. Meaningless.

    Pride. Honor. Duty.

    Past. Present. Future.

    Me. Myself. And I.

    Beginning. Living. End.
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    Not necessary but thank you!