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This is a fun thread on other boards and I have a million trivia questions. Basically a person posts a question, people guess, and whoever gets the right answer first posts the next question. It can be fun trying to stump each other like Jeopardy sort of. So here’s the first question:

What did Supreme Court nominee Douglas Ginsberg describe as a “mistake" he made as a Harvard prof?


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Haha, fun idea.

I have no idea what the answer might be. I don't even know who that guy is - is he a relation of RBG?
Stab in the dark, I'll guess, he made a mistake by not giving some famous politician a failing grade?


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I hadn’t heard of him either but feel free to google it I think it’s allowed haha. I don’t think any relation to rbg I thought that too though. Iirc he is a different Ginsberg than her.
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