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Trouble breathing

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Lyse, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. Lyse

    Lyse Guest

    Is there anything you can do about breathing problems due to overwhelming anxiety? I'm not breathing in a panicked state, it just constantly feels like I'm going to suffocate. Are there any generally unprescribed medications that can help? I'm going to kill myself, of course, but until I do, maybe I could be able to feel I'm not suffocating.
  2. the fleet asleep

    the fleet asleep Well-Known Member

    i spent more than a year in a constant state of perceived suffocation, so i can relate. even when i was not having a panic attack, i always felt as though i wasnt getting enough air (the feeling you may get after a short jog), or that i was choking on something. i cant say that i know of any OTC remedies for anxiety on that level, but you can always check with your doctor, though a doctor is likely to prescribe you an anxiety drug. in my case, the drugs didnt help. it was only after i regulated my sleeping, began eating regularly again, and spent some time excersizing every day did this feeling slowly begin to deminish. ive now been about 4 months since ive felt this way for more than a few moments.

    i know it sounds cliche for someone to tell you to just excersize, and eat/sleep right, but it was really the only thing that helped me. id see your doctor one way or the next though.
  3. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    Breathing exercises can help. The paramedics taught me breathe in for 4, hold for 2 and out for 5. I do DBT now, and we have done a lot of Mindful breathing, and that is very good for my anxiety. So now I breathe in through the nose, completely filling up the lungs, then hold it for the count of four, and blow out through the mouth.

    I also always feel like I'm being suffocated, and it is hard to cope with, but it can be manageable.

    Are you getting any support for your anxiety?
  4. Lyse

    Lyse Guest

    Exercise won't help, nor would eating well. I already eat pretty well and exercise hard almost every day. Although I guess I will stop with both those things, now. My motivation for doing it is now gone.

    No, it's only come the night leading to today. I guess it started a bit on Friday, last week, as well, though. I don't see what support I could get, either; talking with psychologists won't give my girlfriend back. Maybe if they'd prescribe a death pill... that probably would help. Unless I somehow would get stuck as a ghost, afterwards; that wouldn't be fun.

    I haven't tried breathing properly but breathing extremely shallowly has always worked well for me, until now - of course, my situation now is nothing of what it ever used to be. Breathing well will be too difficult... I've breathed very shallowly my whole life. Sometimes I even seem to forget to breathe for a while.

    I am thankful for the replies but the suggestions wouldn't help me or wouldn't be viable... but I am thankful for your tries to help.

    Any other suggestions are welcome...
  5. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    No, they couldn't give you your girlfriend back but they could help you deal with how you feel about her and help you cope with the wretchedness that you feel right now.
  6. crs

    crs New Member

    Beware, this is a long one...
    I'd like to know if this case of breathing problem mentioned here is the same as the one I have.. I have trouble breathing since.. I don't really know, maybe since I was 9 or sth like that (i'm 20 now) and I never wanted to go visit a doc about it, cause I thought (and kinda still think) it's nothing serious, I just would have to work out a little (I came to that reasoning, since I broke down on a sports festival when I was 11. But I don't only get trouble with breathing while doing sports, I got it when I had trouble with my girlfriend, when I have those many times in which I just stare at the wall in my room at night and can't sleep and recently (since I go to school again for training after 3 years at home) I get it almost every time I ride the bus or train, when I pass people in the hallway and when people get me off guard when they suddenly speak to me (and want and answer from me) ..at those times, it seems as if I forget breathing. suddenly, I notice there's no air left in my lungs and I want to breath in again, quickly. then it seems as if, no matter how much I breath in, it isn't enough to fill my lungs even to a quarter. Sometimes, this goes on till I'm lightheaded and I start to really concentrate on breathing. This is hard though when on the bus, squeezed between people. I don't really like public places..
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