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  1. apostle

    apostle Guest

    Medicated to act like the pain is non existent

    Only hangs like a fog.

    Wishing the Red and Purple sunset will never end.

    A new life is the only option.

    The opium cant be an answer

    The truth always returns

    Prison isnt an option

    If only sleep would come nightmare free.

    Sleep deprivation seems like a friend sometimes
  2. apostle

    apostle Guest

    I wake, I check my weapon

    Locked, loaded, safety on

    Where it goes I go

    Madness, paranoia

    finally I go without it

    Still the paranoid, mad one
  3. apostle

    apostle Guest

    I lay sleeping awakened with a start heart racing.

    My people standing and sitting wearing gas masks.

    I have none on, I run for a mask holding my breath

    Lungs ready to explode, knowing one little sniff

    Through my nose and I am DEAD.

    Then I really wake up.
  4. apostle

    apostle Guest

    Old men playing their greedy games.

    Forgetting the pain and agony of wars of the past.

    Young men the pawns

    Thrown to the side after their usefulness is gone.

    A never ending cycle for God and country.

    Only God wont be there to partake in the EVIL
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.