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Troubled time

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Recently I've been having feelings of suicide, and don't know if I can hold them. I have only talked to one person, and that's my friends wife. No one else knows what I feel everyday. I'm 22 and supposed to graduate this year from college, and well I have no idea what I want to major in. I have tried about 2 majors, but I'm undecided again. I feel as I'm wasting my time, money, and no have no more to live for. My friends and family are either married, are in a a relationship, or about to graduate. Here I am stuck, and wondering what is there for me down the road? Nothing? Perhaps. So why waste it living, and just end it now. I put too much pressure on myself because I'm the first one of my family to go to college. To fail is not an option, and I don't know how I can cope with that. Having acne, anxiety, and being shy is not helping. I try to help myself, but I see no point to it. It hurts so much. :sad:


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Go see your college advisor and get your major sorted. They will know some students find college very stressful and should be able to help you with coping with it.
There are lots of treatments for acne now, see a doc. While at the docs discuss maybe taking some anti-depressant meds for a bit. Feelings of hopelessness and anxiety are signs of depression and you don't have to just sit there and put up with them.
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