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    things are hard at the moment. few months ago i had a false allegation made against me. police got involved, i got a beating from someone else involved. life moved on. i was released on bail pending enquiries and everything seemed fine. almost forgot about what had happened, in a way, and was just looking forward to having everything dropped and being able to get back on with my life like normal. my part-time job and big parts of my schooling suffered/were stopped due to the initial allegation and it was hitting me hard.

    went back to police station on wednesday to answer bail. turns out they charged me, which wasn't what any of us including my solicitor was expecting. plan was they were going to bail me for few weeks to court. didn't go to plan. i kicked off a bit after receiving the charge and ended up on the floor with a busted face and legs raw after 7 police officers trampled me and pretty much smashed my face in. got thrown in a cell and placed on list for immediate court hearing. went to court. prosecution pushing for custodial remand but my solicitor wins and i get bailed again to court on 31 july. that's about it.

    got offending team appointments 5 time a week. 31 july is case review when trial dates are decided. i mean what the fuck. this is all going to court trial, and the evidence is one single statement. there is no other evidence (ive been told/shown this by solicitor). it is likely to be thrown out due to lack of evidence, but what if its not? i already told i wasnt going to be charged. this is just stupid. my whole life and my whole family completely ruined because of some fucked up and stupid allegation which is wholly untrue.

    what is even the point. what happened to this country being innocent until youre proven guilty. my family is ruined now. theres no going back on that. now the question is where do i go from here. i get found guilty and my life is ruined. i get found not guilty and ive got to try and rebuild my family relationships for years, while knowing the details of allegation could get out at any point and the stigma associated with that.

    right now seems better to find every pill i can in this fuckin house and just do them all at once. theres probably only one person in the whole world who would genuinely miss me and i'd be doing every bastard out there who is associated with this bullshit case a favour
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    No hun if you did that you would look guilty as hell and your family name would not be cleared ok Unfortunately you have to ride this out and hopefully truth will prevail But killing yourself will only send a negative msg that you were indeed guilty. I am sorry police harmed you so hugs
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