True feelings, or sarcastic lies?

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    True feelings, or sarcastic lies?

    I was *just* about to go offline to do a few things when my phone beeped. As soon as I read who it was from I knew I should have deleted it, but I didn't. I guess curiosity got the better of me. My ex boyfriend, who I finished with in April) sent a text saying how sorry he is for the way he treated me, he said he knew he was an idiot (I can think of more stronger words but I shall refrain myself), saying how he wants me to be happy and follow my dreams etc.
    As soon as I read it, I wonder if it is another one of his mental tricks. Making me believe him, so that I text him back then BANG he is back in contact, giving me crap, letting me fall into his trap again. I gave him the option MANY times to be friends, but instead he choose to make my life unbelievably difficult. He said things that can't be taken back. Sent me things that left it's mark. It's all too much. Forgive? No, I can't. Forget? Sorry but no.

    Give someone too much crap, play too many mental games, lie too many times, then when you are being honest, it is thrown back in your face and you are not believed.

    My life has been more stable since I ended things with him. I'm now with a guy who I love dearly and I am not going to reply. I'm not going to risk going through the torture, receiving 100+ messages a day, some of which, horrible picture messages of his self harm to try and make me feel guilty. I did not deserve that. I didn't do anything terribly bad, I was trapped in a relationship I wanted to get out of and I finished with him. I'm not going to reply. It's not worth it. He said sorry. Fine. Now, move on. Let us both move on.
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    Whatever you do DON'T ANSWER it Res, he had his chance he blew it..time for you both to move on :hug:
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    As Terry said, he's in the past, move on hun :hug: