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Trust NO ONE!!

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... this ought to be the first lesson taught to children, the lesson for keeps that will stand them in good stead their whole lives. It's a f*cking lesson I have learnt through long and extremely painful experience, over and over again.... you'd have thought it'd have sunk in by now eh?! But no, no, not me... I keep trying to trust and have the shit kicked in my face every time I do. Well no more!!! F*ck it and f*ck the world.


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Talk to us please. What happened to make you feel this way so horribly?:sad: Now I'm worried about you... you still trust us here, don't you? I sure hope so, cause your trust is a precious gift I would never misuse.:smile:

love and hugs to you,

share with us hun. While there are many people you cannot trust, you should find just as many as those you can trust. I am sorry something has happened to make you feel this way. Tell us what is going on and let us help you restore your trust, at least a little bit. :hug:


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This has nothing to do with anyone here... but real life stuff. Foolishly decided to open up about something hyper-sensitive to my psychologist yesterday (after a huge tussle with myself) and he managed to stomp all over it. Just the latest in a long line of people who say one thing and do another. :blub:


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limiting who you trust is wise, but completely trusting no one has got to be hard you have no one to vent to or talk to when you have a problem it just all boils up inside until you go on a mass murder rampage..but yeah I know how you feel there are a lot of people in this world that are out for themselves.


hm and it's true.. most people can't be trust... the persons i did trust hurt me... like, about my psych. My best friends knows i'm going to a psych, and they still making jokes about the 'crazy people' who going to see a psych or a shrink... Argh:mad: Even like my parents about my cutting... and a lot of other thinnnngggsssss.


There are always going to be those who take advantage of others....it's a sad truth.But that doesnt mean everyone will.Trust is a hard thing to have in the world today,but not impossible.I'm sorry people have treated you poorly.I hope you will meet those that respect you more.
Problem is of course, is you never know who the untrustworthy ones are...! I'm so sick of putting myself out there and getting trodden underfoot. I thought I could trust my psych and now I know he's NOT one to be trusted. How am I going to get better when I don't know who I can tell the sensitive stuff to????? :sad:


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Sarah, have you talked to B.. about this, I know you trust her and I am sure she will listen to you, I hope she can help.

:hug: Hazel x
I am sorry to disagree with you, lostcat95, but I must. It is difficult to find people you can trust, but that can not be generalized into everyone is all about themselves and cannot be trusted. I know this to be true and I am someone with extreme trust issues based on many of my experiences.

Shygirl, I understand why you feel this way, and the difficulty of knowing who is trustworthy and who isn't. There really is no sure way to tell that in advance. We stick out necks out everytime we decide to trust someone and risk getting burned. I am saddened that our world has come to this, but there are still those that have your best interests in mind and can be trusted. Only you can decide where that trust will come from and to whom it shall be given. I wish I could give you more than my support, friendship, and thoughts, but I can't. Please take care. :hug:


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im sorry that really must have hurt hun.Please know that im always here for kyou.i know it isnt much use and it wont take away any of the pain but i am always here and its always good to hear from you and see you about!!!Big hugs if wanted hun!!

im sorry youve been hurt so badly.i struggle a lot with trust too and it is terrible absolutely terrible when you get hurt........i hope you will find people who deserve and earn your trust hun and that this will slowly help you to get better.

Take care and very best wishes for now hun [great to see you about!!]
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