Will you try, do it for yourself please

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Okay.. to everyone reading
(If anyone)

I'm trying. Yeah I'm not doing so well but for the first time in a while I think I understand life goes on. I'm currently skipping class & I know not good. But I'm out in nature smoking (also not so good I know) but just sitting here taking in nature even with a friend like am I right now. Everything feels better. My hair is messy it's all over my face honestly but I don't care it doesn't matter. The wind is blowing, the suns is shining and it's touching down on the tips of my cheeks and it feels great. I'm listening to music and it's so peaceful.

I guess what I'm trying to say is when you're feeling bad take a shower. Do good for yourself. Take a break. Dress however you'd like .. lazily, comfortably or even just put your favorite clothes on. If you're a girl do your makeup if that makes you feel better. If you have social anxiety like me make yourself look presentable for yourself so you won't feel insecure and let go of the worries try to say fuck it to what people might think at least for a minute and go to a near by lake or some woods or a park or anywhere that you'd like alone or with someone.. anyone and enjoy yourself. Relax. Understand everything will be alright. Stop time.. by doing what you like outside. If you like to draw, draw, if you like to paint then paint, listen to music, take pictures of the trees, of yourself, your jeans and shoes touching the grass or concrete, if cigarettes keep you going smoke. Read a book. Or even just sit there .. don't forget don't let your thoughts go into negativity. Just let go for just one second.

Do this on a sunny day these are the best to just let the sun sink in. Let hope become part of you. Even if the hope hurts you. It's what you make of it.

Please just try. Let yourself feel good, better.

Understand even if things aren't going well there's still things to do to feel better.
Become proud of yourself for even letting yourself be better in this moment for even being productive after reading this for doing something.

Take care, Maria.
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