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  1. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    It is very hard for me to trust anyone I havehad to take care of me so long and every time I try to reach out i get hurt so much. Maybe i am oversensitive i don't know but i just don't understand why people have to hurt ones they know are vulnerable. Why do they have to attack them over the stupidist things knowing they are hurting them. I really don't trust people because of all the pain they cause. The trouble is i now facing is that i have to trust them to look after my daughter. I have to let go of my fears for the sake of gettingher the help she needs. I know i will do this but in doing so there will be such repri****iions on my part. I won't be able to sleep breath such anxiety. I have reason for it as each time she leaves me she has harmed herself either by trying to kill herself or just by getting so intoxicated she puts herself in harms way. Will these professionals see her need to run when she is impulsive will they protect her from herself. I hate this so much but i know she needs help i can't give her. My T has in his way got me to trust him because not once has he hurt me unlike some other professional in his field I know in my head there are kind people out there so why am i freaking out I got what i wanted i am getting her the help she so desperately
    needs I so desperately fought for her God I know this is not about me I know but already i amso fearful and anxious and praying to god i am doing the right thing in getting her help so far away from me. There will be no way of running to her when she needs me Sorry just rambling now TRUST wish i knew how thats all.
  2. ws-

    ws- Guest

    not being able to trust is a bitch but it isn't (and can't be, for the sake of your daughter) the issue at hand.

    listen. you're doing what you think is the right thing. that's all you can do, that's what you should do, and that's what you have done. again, that's all you can do. just take a deep breath, and say a silent prayer in hopes for the best.

    you're doing well. it'll be all right.
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    And if it doesn't turn out all right if she harms herself if something happens then what.
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  4. ws-

    ws- Guest

    what more are you to do? you've done what you thought was the right thing to do in order to help your daughter. what else can you do?

    anything, any decision you undertake regarding these circumstances, could not "turn out all right." you cannot fret over them all. negative consequences can happen regardless of the choices made.

    you're getting her the help she "so desperately needs." is that not the right thing to do? i think it is. you couldn't take this into your own hands so you got help. you're taking care of her in the way that you think is most essential.

    i think you've done what's right.

    now's just a matter of hoping for the best.

    i'm sorry i don't know what else to tell you regarding your trust issues. those aren't easily solved and those aren't the practical issue at hand. i'm speaking from an objective point of view based upon the info you've provided here. separate yourself from them (the [justified, i'm sure, but not applicable] trust issues) for a while, if at all possible, and see just how good of a job you're doing... how you're doing the only thing that's reasonable.

    so i reiterate: you're doing well.
  5. ws-

    ws- Guest

    oh, have this: :hug:

    virtual, but the sentiment's there.

    you're being strong. they are professionals, and though no replacement for you, her mother (clearly she loves you dearly), you've put her in what you think are safe hands. i don't know how she'll react, but putting her (perhaps unstable, although i don't mean to judge) mental health in the hands of mental health professionals? that would probably have had to be done sooner or later anyway. you're good for acknowledging her need in the first place. hopefully she'll come to appreciate that.

    i don't know much regarding your circumstances, but i think you are strong. and i hear you. and i'm sorry you're dealing with this.
  6. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I hear you i am doing the only thing that i can do right now is get her help
    i cannot keep her safe she is not trust worthy Her addiction her mental health
    I will get through this just as i did before and it is about her and her needs i find out today when she leaves A victory for her as she will get better they helped my twin so i know they care about the person not just the illness.
    i am okay now stupid letting my fears take over me that way.
  7. ws-

    ws- Guest

    that's not stupid. it's understandable.

    good luck with things.
  8. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    daughter accepted to Homewood long term treatment leaves Monday She will get the help she needs now I am tired need to rest There is hope now she will get better and soon my twin will be home take care everyone thanks mary
  9. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Please god please Monday so soon i know it has to be god just help with this fear help with this dam fear and anxiety please.
  10. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Trust mary trust her to do the right thing you can't worry it won't change anything. Trust the professionals now to keep her safe Trust trust trust somehow someway she will learn she will grow she will get coping skill that are good. Dam it i wish there was trust in me dam it mary dam it just go to sleep let it be let it be.
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