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  1. Zaparc©

    Zaparc© Active Member

    Trust is something that I find very hard to have in someone. After all, it takes years to develop trust for someone, and only seconds to break it.

    Through my life I've had many of friends, and almost all of them have broken my trust towards them. In ways such as sleeping with my partner at the time, and spreading lies about me just to name a couple. This has caused me to become very cynical towards others, even family.

    I suppose my cynicism has made me become more reclusive. If I ever do go out with friends or family, I often take things they say the wrong way. They think I'm twisting their words on purpose, and usually it will initiate an argument, and I hate arguing. Now, I try to accept what they're saying as positive, unless I believe they are truly being negative, which in most cases, is indeed the case.

    I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about trust. Are you the type of person who will trust anyone, or does it take you some time to build up trust for someone?
  2. Scully

    Scully Well-Known Member

    It takes years for me to trust, and years more to build a real friendship. I need lots of time to cope when betrayed, I feel things very deeply and intensely, and it's too hard then. Also, I prefer a deep trust, deep connections with people, and this doesn't happen so often.
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Trust is something that is instilled in you from childbirth i have no trust in people they seem to hurt others for no reason even people in profession of caring of psychology seem to so easily throw away the weak the unwell when they are the ones they should be helping out the most. Trust not ever again not fully I can see there are kind people now here and my therapist but to let them in and trust totally no never again. Did that and god how i was hurt emotionally wiped out I say always keep that guard up always you have to protect you because no one else will.
  4. shefallsasleep

    shefallsasleep Well-Known Member

    I have a lot of trouble in trusting people, mostly in relationships as my frst love broke my heart and I found it hard to trust any one, even my ex who was the love of my life I didn't trust 100%, my paranoia and not being able to fully trust him and not worry was a factor when he broke up with me! I also find it hard to trust people whe they say things, I often think they are lying, its a horrible thing :( I also have the same problem with people thinking I'm twisting what they are saying and that starts an argument, I try not too but I tend to read so much into things so i interpret things wrong, but in my head im really right x
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