Trusting Strangers

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  1. WhyMeWhy

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    No, I don't advise it........... but would you trust a stranger to this extent?:

    I went out to buy cold medicine.... some dude on the street stopped me, attemting to peddle off xanax. Well, I questioned his sincereness so he gave me a pill which I popped post-haste

    Now I had every thought in my head that it could have been poison that would've killed me, but was willing to take the risk..... :eek:hmy:
  2. rojomi

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    Quoting an old girlfriend, but WHAT does one ever gain by trusting ANYONE?
    The answer-nothing. Trust yourself, and your own judgement, what else is there to go on? Be your own person; love that person, and if you trust it will lead you home and to yourself. Nothing else matters.