Truth, Kindness, and an Open Mind, theory vs reality.

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    Truth, a kind heart, and an open mind are three of the most essential characteristics for a person. With truth comes trust. With a kind heart comes happiness. With an open mind comes wisdom. With all three comes lasting friendship and remembrance. This is how it all works in theory, and we all know how theories can be disproved. In real life, ignorance comes with truth. Kind hearts get taken advantage of. An open mind will be filled with corruption and evil thoughts. All three causes a lack of self worth, a loss of sanity, and a deep feeling of self failure.

    Theory is very different from real life.
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    I hear you, Gunner :hug:
    And partially you're right, but sometimes this theory does happen in real life as well. Not often, but sometimes. Which makes those friendships that come forth from it even more valuable and precious.

    That's at least how I try to look at it, just to stay sane and not sink back down into depression :dunno:

    If you wanna talk, my info is in my profile :arms: