Trying to get help is making me even more suicidal.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Ladygrace, Apr 30, 2015.

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  1. Ladygrace

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    I am not sure where to start anymore. I had set up a meeting over 4 weeks ago, i missed my first appointment by accident. But today i went into the new one and i am stuck with a previous therapist who is a snarky cow who doesn't listen to anything i say at all.
    I was telling her i cant remember any dates/years as my memory is bad but she kept insisting on me saying something. When it come to the medications i said one made me dazing and have weird side effects but i wasn't driving at the time of taking them as i had moved for school but she insisted that i should have had my drivers license revoked and should have been allowed to drive or do anything.
    I Told the other case manager that i want to have a different therapist as i don't like her, but Oh no he said oh give her a chance etc etc. This is a COMPLETE repeat of what happened last time and it ruined me.

    For now they want to set a meeting up with my parents to talk to them to discuss, so i am going to go in tomorrow and try get a new therapist. If nothing is going to change then i have no idea what to do anymore.
    After the appointment i come out more suicidal then ever, rung my parents to let them know what is happening and that i will try get a new therapist and if i don't i will stop getting help.

    Suicide seems like my only option atm as school has been going to bad for me as well
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    Ladygrace, you definitely need to get a different therapist and it's really unfortunate your case manager didn't acknowledge your reservations. Therapy works based on the relationship with the therapist and if it is a bad fit, the therapy isn't going to be very effective. It might even make you feel worse, as you've discovered. Since you've had previous experience with this therapist, it seems to me that you've already given her a chance. Maybe it would help to actually list some of the ways this therapist has let you down, rather than just saying you don't like her. Ask your case worker point blank what it will take to get you a different therapist. I hope your parents can help you, you should not have to suffer alone with this.

    Please don't give up. I know things are very difficult for you right now, especially with school not going well at the same time, but there is hope.
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