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  1. This is so cliche, I know but its been on my mind

    I dated this girl my first year at university, we were inseparable that entire year. we had all sorts of amazing experiences and she was pretty much my first real serious girlfriend. Now I told this girl everything about me and I'd like to think I knew a lot about her. We spent nights reading from poetry and from our favorite books. We shared common tastes in literature, music etc. And she would even stay up with me to listen to crazy paranormal radio shows or watch old twilight zone episodes. I might honestly say this was the best period of my life

    At the end of that year she said something which threw me off totally, she said that she didn't want to be a couple anymore, but that we could still have casual sex, but go with the knowledge that it was open to other people.

    Now even though this is probably the perfect set up for a lot of guys my age, what with their raging libidos, it's not and wasn't for me...and I couldn't do it. I couldn't believe that she felt that way. soon after breaking it off I feel into a deep depressed period, and constantly questioned my decision. Since then Ive met other girls, hell even gone on a few dates but when it comes to taking things further, I can't theres not that same spark, that same chemistry. It's hard for me to move past her even two years down the road. I honestly feel like she was the one for me, and that I'm not gonna find someone like that ever again

    And the worst she lives across the street from me and she works in the library at our school so I still see her all the time.

    I need to move past this, but even two years later I'm crying over my ex. I feel pathetic and more than a little like some sort of living cliche.

    Just had to get that out, stopped talking about her to my friends a long time ago
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    I'm glad that you felt able to talk about it here and i hope it helped to get it out. Sorry though for the pain you're experiencing with regards to this relationship ending.. it's hard to imagine that someone who you got on so well with at such a deep level would turn around and say that after a year.. i'm sorry that happened. You say you question whether you made the right decision... i think you made the decision that stands by your morals despite it being such a difficult decision to come to.

    It sounds really difficult especially as you see this girl around all the time, and that you no longer talk to your friends about her. Do your friends know about how you're feeling? I'm really glad that you feel safe enough to post your feelings about her on this forum and i hope you'll continue if it helps.

    Jenny x