Trying to help a loved one in dangers of suicide

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by psychology101, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. psychology101

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    i've noticed that my brother has been feeling depressed lately and is in danger of committing suicide. He says things like "Life is not for me" or life sucks, or is not worth it in a serious tone of voice. He is not discouraged by life because of any physical reasons but because his mentality and view of life is really corrupt at this point and i dont know how to help. We were in the car today and he was telling me things about how it will be ok after he is dead and how me and my family will recover from it in a few months which made me tear and it made my parents aware of the problem and we took him to the emergency room for this issue. He came back and supposedly he has an appointment with a psychiatrist. I really feel that the hospital didn't take the measure serious enough or maybe he told the doctors something that made them feel he was ok of doing any harm. But he is really hard-headed and me being younger will make him feel like i dont know enough to help. I can tell you some of his suicide signs
    - Openly talking about his depression history and how he sees life in such a bad way
    - Wishing he sees life as paradise or a gift as some people in the world do
    - Realizing and speaking about how all of his friends/colleagues are progressing while he is not
    - Social isolation
    - Suicide history in the internet (a few weeks ago)
    - Speaking about suicide and death as if it a were a matter to accept
    - Accepting not realizing and not wanting any help
    - Emotionally detached

    His mental state is severe and I hope I can get really good advice that can save my brother from this crisis, thank you! In God I rely :) <3
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    Hi psych101 - I have PM'd you the details of a professional who - considering the seriousness of what you've posted - I think would be able to help you best. For someone in such bad strife, it must be difficult for you as their sibling to see him like this, so please take good care of yourself too while you are there for him. :)
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