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trying to kill me

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just came from an emergency meeting

the project from hell that put me on disability last year, the one they took me off of last year, the one i kept telling people was in trouble, the one that i kept saying would fail if it kept going the way it was...big surpise - it's having problems and is supposed to go live with a major client this weekend - problems that are big enough that the sales manager has been told to stop selling the product

now people are begging me to come back to it and help fix it and i keep telling them no

why would i want to go back to a project where all of me input was ignored? or discounted? to a project that was used to destroy me?

i keep trying to tell them i can't do it that i can't risk my health on it but they just don't get it, aren't listening

fortunately none of these people can force me to do this - i don't report to them and they have no power over me

but i'm afraid they'll still won't listen and will to my boss and demand me as the only one who can solve their problems - but i can't - they ignored me and treated my work so poorly that everything i warned them about came true and i can't go back to that i just can't

now i'm freaking out - why don't they just stick a knife in my chest and get it over with

dammit i can't stop shaking - or crying - just want to keep bashing my head on my desk until i'm unconscious


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This just sounds like a business power struggle. Having only worked contract jobs in a totally different field, I can't say I understand what going through this is like.

I think we need a think tank here.

Whose side is your boss on?


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Not mine - never mine

Says he is but been burned before - he can't be trusted

And the timing - just when it looks like I may have a slim chance of keeping my job they start talkjng about putting me back in the snakepit - want to jump into it all smiles and rainbows and say thank you while the fangs sink in


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TBH if its that much of a pig of a job then be honest with your boss if they try and use him to get you back on board.
Failing that, is there someone higher than your boss that you could go to?


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no one higher who gives a damn

completely lost it in the car on the way home

now i get to spend the entire weekend hoping to hell that these idiots listened to me and did NOT go ahead and ask for me to be officially assigned again

i won't do it - i can't do it


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Then put your foot down!
They can't force you to do it and if you got sacked over it a tribunal could be called into play.
Sometimes showing you won't be walked all over is the right thing to do, you never know, they might even admire you for it.
Stand by your guns and just say no!


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Or squeeze them for more...whatever more you want...let them pay...and make sure you call the shots if you have to suffer through this...J


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More money seems like it would make the trouble worth it, but it usually doesn't. If you're asked to do it tell your boss you're not interested and the reasons why. Coming at it with a confrontational attitude isn't going to help you any. You can't expect to keep a job by putting your foot down and telling your boss no! That's called insubordination.


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Dammit i'm still shaking

Maybe i'll do it and let the stress kill me - they can't rule that suicide right? Ha ha ha

What I am, what I need, none of it matters


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they asked for me - now i'm doing some heavy lobbying (read that "begging") to keep my involvement limited to the problems surrounding how the system is maintained instead of trying to correct problems with it

don't know how successful that will be given that i wasn;t able to stop them from asking for me in the first place

if i have to do this, i'm going to make it a requirement that this counts toward keeping my job


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I understand its alot of stress, but does it make it any better that your the only one that can do it, that they are coming to you because in the end you were right and now they need you.
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