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trying to prepare


Antiquitie's Friend
Well i am trying to prepare myself for the first anniversary of my ex-husbands suicide which will be on Chirstmas. I ahve been off work since Aug. due to the other number of deaths i have had this year in my family, and well i am supposed to go back to work next month on the 18th yet i am scared to death how i might react when i go back and what i might do. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get through the holidays. I did alright on what would had been our anniversay if we were still married. I was thinking of trying to do something fun in order to change the negativity i had last year when i got the news, but i dont know if that will help. Please help me i am just so scared.


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Best Christmas I ever had....went and helped out at the xmas dinner for the homeless.

Totally different surroundings, you're helping out some really unfortunate souls and you'll be busy so no time for brooding.

Just a suggestion.

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