trying to stop again

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Sammon, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Sammon

    Sammon Member

    i used 2 self harm loads last year but i managed 2 stop 4 a while after my mum found out. but jus b4 new yr it got 2 much and i started again. im trying to stop again now but its realy hard :sad:
  2. 04jwilliams

    04jwilliams Active Member


    aww dere is different techniques dat u cn use 2 try nd stop u shud b able 2 find sum in dis thread fingy if ya cnt just sai nd i wil find em 4 u!

    but plz try nd stop it dnt help even tho it realeaes da pain at da tym in da long term is so much worse cos u get addicted nd u feel nufin nd da marks it leaves r a constand reminder beleive me i no!

    hope ur okai nd cn hold ot from doin it i realli do....

    luv ya

    jade xxxx
  3. Sammon

    Sammon Member

    kk fanx wil hav a look

    ye i am i reali dnt wana get 2 hookd on it agen n da scars r def da worst part of it coz dey dnt go away 4 a long tym... i h8 it!

    u 2

    sam xxxxxxxx
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