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i have been trying to forget about the s**t that is happening to me and I just carnt. i feel like now is the time that i need to get help otherwise i aint gunna be here much longer. i know i need help, i wanna get help, but i just carnt get hel;p. i am sitting here in a pool of tears and im wishing for the world to end becuase then i wouldnt have to end it. (if tht made sense) and i just wish that it was easier than it is to make everything go away......


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Help will only find you if you show you need it. In a perfect world some people would just come and knock on our doors and take us away and care for us until we could function again.
Is your fear of talking to someone greater than your fear of dying?
I can help you. But you will have to follow my instructions exactly. If you do not follow every detail exactly, I will not be able to solve your problems for you. When you PM me, please include a detailed account of what you did yesterday (exactly and only yesterday). Very detailed; you should change particulars for reasons of privacy, but you must make a very full record of everything you did and what you thought and felt about it at that time only (not your retrospective feelings about what you did yesterday). I would prefer that your text be chronological, though some regression may be required to explain why and how certain facts happened. Be aware that PMs have a character limit, so you may need to send me several messages to send the whole text. Start on this right away please and thank-you.
the reply to your question h2osmack is YEs, my fear of dying is less than talking and i have been leaning toward implementing my plans for some while now... i dont know... there is still an oiunce of me tht wants to stay but whether thats enough or not...


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Life is typically more powerful than death, at least from our point of view. I don't think you truly want to die. At least not yet. There is a glimmer of hope for you but hope isn't as strong as fear. Talk about a catch 22.
Why is it hard to talk?
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