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  1. white

    white Well-Known Member

    I once was lost in a world full of darkness
    I once was lost in a world full of sin
    I was trapped
    There was no escape
    There is no way out
    Im drowning
    To the bottom of this life
    This life full of Struggles
    peer pressure
    sexual images
    All these repeat in my head
    and again
    I see no light
    No end in sight
    The burdens
    they put a cover on my eyes
    As I walk deeper in to the tunnel
    There is still no end in sight
    I learn from my mistakes
    I sometimes just want some retakes
    I see it
    A short glimpse of light
    I start running
    Its gone
    It was in my hands
    I lost it
    The pain i feel of loosing it
    Shatters my heart
    But I have to keep my head up
    Keep walking strong
    Learning from my many mistakes
    I see it
    Another glimpse of light
    Im running towards it
    I make it
    As I feel joyous inside
    Thoughts come in my head
    I have not lived in the light for so long
    All I know is the darkness
    But I feel Super Natural Power
    Drowning out those ridiculous thoughts
    Is my now thoughts
    Is I take a look around
    I found my new life
    I walk back to the tunnel
    And discover
    I was going in circles that whole time
    Romans 8:1 For there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
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  2. triplex

    triplex New Member

    The line,


    is absolutely amazing. I love all of your writings, keep it up!
  3. iceeblusmurf

    iceeblusmurf Senior Member

    sweet dude, i like it a lot! :)
  4. white

    white Well-Known Member

    Thanks all=)
  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Great poem, thank you for sharing :arms:
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