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Discussion in 'After Effects' started by hookedonphonikz, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. hookedonphonikz

    hookedonphonikz New Member

    Anyone ever get "turned in" by friends to the correct source and survive?

    I know it seems kind of ambiguous but for those who have no clue what I mean, sometimes outside forces intervene.

    I'm still going through day by day but nothing has really improved in terms of my lifestyle.

    Just wanted to see if any others out there.
  2. Much afraid

    Much afraid Well-Known Member

    Sorry - have not experienced that, so far. Didn't want to add to your views without adding to your replies.;D. Has it [your experience] been frustrating or helpful?
  3. skinnylove911

    skinnylove911 Well-Known Member

    do you mean that would call the police or crisis number on how you are feeling. Yes I have been turned in a few times, my boyfriend has rang the crisis team numerous of times and told them how im really feeling x
  4. PJLane

    PJLane Well-Known Member

    I haven't been forced into hospital but ive had the police called twice on me because people thought I was going to attempt. It was all very easy to talk my way out of though.
  5. HelgasAngel

    HelgasAngel Well-Known Member

    yay australian:D G'day<3n hehehe=)
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