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*tw for ed* Tired of being greedy


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Who even eats 500 calories in ONE DAY? This whale.
What adult even weighs more than 70 pounds? This whale.
What whale loses 2 and a half pounds a week and weighs 80 pounds? ME.

How does one recover from an ED when they've been taught their entire life that everything to do with food = greed.

The irony is that the person who taught me all this has an overweight bmi, snacks constantly and has more than one breakfast *gobsmacked*

But if I'm still hungry after my 300 calorie dinner(which is also all I've eaten) I get shouted at because "you've already been fed"


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*hug Your family is yelling at you for eating? I'm sorry, that's awful. No wonder you have issues about food. You should be eating way more than 500 calories in a day :(


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That’s horrible. I don’t have people who yell at me. I get angry at myself for going over 500 calories.


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Eating the normally recommended amount of calories each day doesn't make you greedy, just like breathing air or drinking water or sleeping doesn't make you greedy. Sorry that this person has made you feel this way.

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