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Tw:I don't know how to live with myself


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I'm a pedophile. Im always depressed and I honestly just want to die at this point. I'm never happy anymore. I just want to be normal but that won't happen.
if you want to be normal it's possible. if you see a psychiatrist/therapist they can help...mike...*hug*shake


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Hi, are these just thoughts, do you feel you will ever act on them or want to act on them?

It must feel shameful but I hope these are just intrusive thought at the moment, I would recommend you see a therapist and go from there because you NEED to talk to someone about this, its just too serious an issue.


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We care about you here at SF. That must be a real struggle, to be as you are. I believe people are born with their sexual preference; it is not a choice they make. I hope you understand that this urge is not something you can act on, you must learn through psychiatric care and therapy to overcome these urges. I would suggest finding something else you enjoy in life and focusing on that. Whether it is collecting coins or stamps or putting puzzles together, etc. I feel for you; you have a tough life ahead of you. I hope that you can find some way to make the best of it.


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You previously said you are in therapy (or were trying to get to therapy for this). Did that happen?
If you are so horrified by the thought of doing something to a child then it would appear that your chance of offending if fairly low *but* that doesn't mean you shouldn't seek assistance with your issue. You are young and still developing so there is plenty of time to do this in. Where are you at with things? And do your parents know what is going on exactly?
Hi. In your last thread I remember you said you were on the waiting list for therapy. Did you ever get into therapy? It's worth holding out - therapy can do wonders for people and can help you overcome these feelings and give you coping mechanisms. As I said last time, it could be POCD rather than you being a pedophile, but even if it isn't, as long as you don't commit any crimes, this doesn't make you a terrible person. And, again, being a pedophile doesn't necessarily mean you will be a sex offender - those terms are not synonymous.

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