Twenty Years and It Feels Like Yesterday

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Sadeyes, Apr 6, 2012.

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    It has been twenty years since I saw you, Bob...said 'good-bye' to you at 3:30 PM on this day...then went out to dinner with your mom, your brother and a few of 'the crowd'...I still hear your belly laugh that turned into a giggle before a belly laugh again...the day we were at the train, and a man who looked like the missing link was called by his mother, "Darwin"...and we could not stop laughing and almost missed the train...your three lunches when I was counting every single calore...and of course, your snacks at 3 o'clock... how we used to work side by side, singing the same songs, completing each other's sentences when someone spoke to one of us...making fun of Joan...and of course, making surgical glove turkeys which we left bedside to tell the other we were there...I see you in the stars, and hear you in my day dreams...unconditional very fortunate I am to have had that...and of course, our attempts to drink each bottle of wine from the seemingly endless list we created...walking down W4th, singing and laughing at ourselves and others...I have lived twenty years without you here, and as I feared, a part of me died too..."Toots, you are going to be OK" was the last thing you said to me...I repeat that often...and have you in my heart...all my love, Jake
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    sending you :hug: sadeyes...
    I'm so sorry for your loss...true love never dies!
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    Hi Sadeyes
    Not months, nor years or decades heal the loss of a loved one. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. May you find words and arms that serve as comfort during this anniversary of his passing.
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    Sadeyes -
    I wish you peace, it seems like the best ones, the blessings in our lives, are gone too soon. With gratitude and respect that you got to spend time with a wonderful person.
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    I agree, that having had such an angel in my life for any amount of time is a blessing, but when one meets someone like this, then one does know true very rare, I am sorry to say...and like many here, I miss him each day, when something reminds me of him, when I feel I want to be cared for, or when there is something wonderful or beautiful that I would have shared with him...the first sign of Spring...even a new recipe for which he would have been one of my first victims.
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    Aww that is so sweet. :hug: to you :(