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  1. Long2beFree

    Long2beFree Member

    One dark night, i sit there crying of what happend to me before.

    Knowing i could get up, but will and strenght are no more.

    I wipe the tears my tears of grief and sadness,

    thinking life is utter madness.

    I strole through the night to think and ponder.

    Hoping this darkness will fade and life will again look like wild blue yonder.

    But the next day looking outside my frontdoor,

    i cant seem to find anything but darkness.

    Darkness... i cry to myself while i close my door... what a mess,

    just darkness and nothing more.

    I fall asleep, and dream of things that might of been

    Wonderous things, like happiness and fun or fortune and fame,

    and even of falling in love with my true queen.

    But everytime unknown and unexpected,

    the dream ends... i wake up depressed and so verry much affected.

    What road is my life leading me to, i cry to myself while getting out of bed.

    I get no clue and start to think, havent there been enough tears weeped and shed.

    As time passes a second at a time, i get more and more depressed.

    Knowing this stuff is to hard to bear, i decided to go to SF and let all my feelings be confessed.

    Not much longer another nighttime is about to start,

    and il be crying for an houre or ten

    Now im sry but i have to part

    If you want to know how the story ends just scroll back up again
  2. ThornThatNeverHeals

    ThornThatNeverHeals Well-Known Member

    this is good- nice expression... the people on here have empathy for that, as i think this is how most of us get through, just few can put it in the correct words.
  3. Long2beFree

    Long2beFree Member

    Ty Thorn :) Hoping to write a second one soon never wrote poems before but for some reason this one came so easy perhaps cos its a true story aswell.
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