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Twice survived

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twice now in two weeks an end has almost come. Both times mates stepped up even though it was the last thing they wanted, lost in time cant move on, i know there should be hope around the corner but at the moment only darkness. I do not want to take the easy road but I am afraid that the only way is down. Lost for what to do.


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Don't look down.

In that darkness there is fear and worry that things will only get worse.. thats looking down. instead, focus on what you can see, what is real. For this time, for this crisis, just take some deep breaths. One step at a time focus on what is physical, not emotional. Do not think about the future except for just the next step. Onse step at a time. For example.. don't think about breakfast while your taking a shower.. I mean literally stay focused on the physical experience. Emotions occur within us. But looking out of our eyes, in the physical world we look at.. there is no emotion. Only space, objects and time. Essentially, the five senses. FOCUS on the 5 senses. Listen to all the sounds you can, name them.. near and far. Feel and experience what you touch, smell, and taste. Live in the moment, focus on the moment and let go of the past or the distant future. Only on what is next. After the shower is the toweling dry. After the towling is the dressing. After the dressing is the toothbrushing.. one step at a time.

And take breaks through distraction. A walk, a movie, a book, a puzzle, drawing or painting, mowing. An action that you can enjoy and get "lost' in. Maybe its a game.

When there is some distance betewwn you and the emotions.. then you can think about the emotions more clearly. It's like the difference of being the boat in the storm, or seeing the boat in the storm from a light house. you will be able to make wiser decisions once you are grounded in the lighthouse. make sense?

my two cents.. hope this helps.
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