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Twin Beds

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Well I cannot sleep because my neighbor's friends are all death. They are watching a movie and I can make out the dialog clearly through the wall. It is rather annoying.

Anyway, I am lying here in my twin bed and I am thinking to myself. My this is comfy, I really like my twin beds I always get the best nights sleep in these beds. I think back to when I used to sleep in full beds, or larger. I realize that they suck a great deal. There is too much space for me to wallow around in. Too much space for me to find a comfortable spot to sleep in. I remember lying in them I would find my way back to the center of the bed before I would fall asleep. And then when I woke up in the morning I was still in the center. I was sprawled out a great deal but in the center none the less. What is the point to having all of that space? I do not use it all it is SOOO annoying. Even when I had to share a bed with my siblings it was still uncomfortable. Even when my side was sectioned off I was horrible uncomfortable. But in twin beds I am just fine I love them so much. They are so calm and relaxing. Not to mention I can find comfort in them almost instantly.

I think I am going to stick with twin beds until the day I die. I see no reason to buy any bed that is any bigger. All those beds will be are wasted space and a pain in the ass to move. I don't know just random thoughts from a sleepless mind.
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