Twisted Snake

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    I hear your smooth sibilant utterances
    And I am charmed beyond belief
    It seems you have cast me under your spell
    You told me you were evil, but I tried to see the good
    Naively I believed that there was some
    When you only saw me as your next quarry
    To chew me up and spit me out without remorse
    You say you cannot control what lies within you
    But you must, before it decimates all you know
    I thought I was safe with you
    All of my secrets, you have told to open ears
    And now they all mock and laugh
    The well of pain slowly grows deeper
    Your poison kills me slowly
    Rotting me from the inside out
    Everything you touch is incinerated
    Your soul is as cold as ice
    You think you are Romeo, but you ain't that suave
    I have wiped out all traces of you
    I just wish my memory banks would cooperate
    Your heart is pitch black
    Worst of all, I am becoming just like you
    With each betrayal, the world is closed off more
    And soon I will be falling into a perpetual pit of darkness.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.