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    I wonder if it'll be anything more than this.
    a few fleeting moments together.
    Will things always be this twisted?
    The result is always the same.
    I am left standing alone.
    Left with the wreckage of something resembling love.
    I am standing in the aftermath of the battles.
    The battles that raged within me
    and spilled outward into our anger fueled relationship.
    There was never a moment that I thought it would work.
    I knew in my heart that the two of us were too torn.
    We were too broken from past torments.
    We would have never worked and we both knew it.
    So we resolved our issues by screaming and crying.
    Then begging for forgiveness twisted in sheets.
    Caught up in the heat of the moment.
    Stuck with believing that anger filled sex
    would solve everything.
    It solved nothing for me, I'm not so sure about you.
    You'd take it all from me if you could.
    You knew we were wrong for each other,
    but you still took those feverish moments with greed.
    Feeding off my anger, feeding off my pain.
    Taking me into you, taking me with force.
    Will things always be this twisted?
    Will my life always be this wrecked?
    Continuously falling into not so well meaning relationships.
    Begging for the fights so I can repay you
    with the forgiveness you want.
    So I can repay you with the anger fueled fuck.
    In the end I'll become numb and it won't matter.
    I will lose my luster and you will walk away.
    Just like all the others have done before you
    and after you.
    I will blindly stumble from you and walk into the next
    meaningless, anger fueled relationship.
    Things will always be twisted in my world.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.