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    The occasional twitch is perfectly natural... but my twitches are no longer occasional. I should mention that I am the poster child for repressed feelings, nobody has any idea that I'm even depressed let alone suicidal (for years now). I think that's why this started. So it all started about a month and a half ago, I would think a painful thought, my feelings would snowball and that would make me twitch. After 2 weeks of that I would twitch when I thought a painful thought (and oddly enough, smells would trigger it too). Now I could do it at any given moment.

    At first, whenever I would go into public or be in front of other people, they would stop (probably because I'm so self-conscious) but now the number of twitches increases in public! And it's not like I can hide them either! When I twitch I whip my head to one side or the other! At the dinner table last night I probably did it 15 times! It's only a matter of time before someone notices... What kind of excuse could I use?

    Anyway... I guess I just wanted to tell someone...
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    Are you taking meds? Might it be that?
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    Hey nobody man. :welcome: to the forum btw.

    Twitches are irritating no doubt! I too have the same tendencies although in my particular case it's more neurologically related. The more I have on my mind the more my mouth and eyes go crazy, and it even gets much worse than this for me at times.

    It is a proven fact that when we don't deal with our issues yet choose to supress them or not deal with them our bodies need to do something with this energy. When we don't release it by facing it and dealing with it our bodies, wherever it chooses, will store the event. I'm no dr so I couldn't say with certainty that this is what is happening, but maybe your body is finding a way to release this pent up stuff so it can function better.

    I hope these things begin to improve for you. Again welcome and please take good care.
  4. Confusticated

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    If it's not the meds, then it's your nerves, which are obviously being physically affected by your emotional side. You'll have to see a Doctor about this and get referred to a Neurologist as quickly as possible.
  5. nobody man

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    No. No meds.
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    I just read your post again. You should try to get help for your depression, you shouldn't have to hide it. YOu don't have to tell everyone anyway, but burying stuff doesn't really work, I find!! You maybe need to talk to someone at least. Telling us here about the problem is a good first step towards solving it.You shouldn't have to hide things. Dee x
  7. All these mixed emotions

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    i would say that it can be caused from a big range of conditions.

    The light ones can be cured/handeld with magensium, vitamin-B, zink, omega -3 to try with

    The more heavy ones like MS or braintumor need special-diagnosis

    Either way you should to blodtest to see if there is a low vitamin level to be found. or maybe some infektion/inflamation is present.

    And try and get a MRI (magnetcamera)- scan of your brain, this should be done ASAP if you have severe nerulogical symptoms

    ohh and hold out!


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    Ugh... I'd love to but that is the HUGEST hurdle for me. I've recently opened up to a close friend but we only hang out once a week if I'm lucky because she's so busy... I know I need help and surprisingly I even WANT help... I just can't. I'm working towards getting help as my goal but it will be slow going.
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    Well I would say that the best way to move towards seeking help is to keep acknowledging the problem instead of burying it. Keep talking here. Its hard to bring something thats been hidden into the light of day sometimes, but you need to really, you need to not let your whole life be overshadowed by it. I wounder what the twitch is though. Have you any idea what it might be? Its better to know, and address it, rather than trying to think of things to say to cover it up!! anyway I'll quit lecturing now!! All the best!!
  10. Stranger1

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    I relate to you.. I have a twitch in my toes.. It's been like this forever.. I sit there and flick my big toe with the one next to it.. This has caused huge calouses.. I file them down and within two weeks there back again.. I just can't stop twitching them..It's not as bad when I have shoes on.. But I live in florida and go barefoot all the time..I hope you find what works for you.. Make sure you see your doctor..