Two "Cosmic" Poems

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  1. I wrote these a few years back when I very much felt in touch and at peace with Zee Universe and Life. Heck of a thing to 'lose' wot?

    But Sooz' encouragement (and y'all) made me revisit them - reminding me of where I might end up (even drug-SSRI-free) once again.
    If I had it once... (?)


    * * *
    Greetings Forever!

    You're there as I gaze at the sky,

    in every ripple creating movement on the water,

    in every breath I release to the wind,

    in each cloud that passes my sight.

    The echo of thunder brings you laud

    and each sun that sets

    counts the days that never end....

    Greetings Forever!

    You take me out of Man's trials

    and show me Heaven's tapestry.

    You move me in the cosmic wind

    floating free as part of All.

    The moon is my messenger

    and each moment spent,

    a thread connecting me to You.

    Greetings forever!

    You grant visions of your grandeur,

    imagination in each thought's direction.

    In every gesture lies fruition,

    in each dream, a gift of power

    granting freedom brought to motion;

    The sands that shift in hourglass or desert

    being what each of us achieves ~

    * * * * *

    I Hear.....

    Somewhere in the crashing waves
    the sound of currents flowing ~
    A sound that's like no other,
    without change, yet always growing...

    Among the floods that never stop
    the light shines through one single drop ~
    a magic pure, that of a child,
    the secret dream that never hides.

    Somewhere in the roaring wind
    a whisper comes from close behind,
    "Though Time may be an endless sea,
    some seconds are Eternity."
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    great work...

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