Two faced mofos

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  1. Insomniac2012

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    So I live with 3 guys. The 4 of us are good friends but there is one that stands out as more of a friend. I trust him. I even consider him my best friend... I've only had 2 other best friends in my life... So today I was talking to one of my other roommates and evidently the guy who I consider my best friend bitches about things I do behind my back. A couple years ago I caught wind of him talking behind my back saying that I wouldn't last with my girlfriend at the time. I flipped shit and for a year and half since we have become best friends. Now to hear that all along he was talking shit behind my back... I. am. livid.

    I don't fucking get it. Everyone fucking talks shit behind each other's backs and no one is fucking honest in this apartment. I try to be as honest and forward as I can. I just don't get it that these fucking people talk so much shit about each other. I listen to it all and just nod and agree. I don't harbor grudges and shit like that. The rest of these fucking people hate each other but never to each other's faces.

    I thought I had a friend I could trust. But NO he has a fucking problem with me. Now I have a problem with him. Fuck him.

    Thanks for listening to my rant.
  2. Jasv

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    Everyone that I know is like that. I do a whole bunch of favors for these assholes, but yet I'm still not worthy to them. I hate everyone. I do, but i know it's wrong to treat people like trash. Some people will just never get it.
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    Lucky for you. many people living with together hate each other. lol. back then my roommate wanted to fight me.
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    Most everybody I've lived with showed their asses at one point or another, and I normally pretended I was unaware. I decided about 4 years ago to put a stop to it and would rather be alone.

    Sorry man, it does suck when your "supposed" friends are talking behind you back!

    Don't let people make you feel like you are anything less than a strong person. It not you, its them!