Two good things...

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1) I have a job interview in just under two weeks. BUT, it's going through the council, so I have to be interviewed by a panel. :faint:

2) I got my Red Cross uniform this evening. :D Including one of those "First Aider" luminous jacket thingys. YAY. New, too. Weeeeeeee. So now, I am fully able to go out onto public events...

All I need to do now is get a full driving license without having to rely on lifts! THEN, I can become part of the Emergency Response. :D

This day started out shit, but it has gotten better. Weeeeeeeeee.


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Congratulations on your new things and your soon-to-be new position!!!:smile: :smile: :smile: I"m sure you'll do very well in your new job. Sounds like something you'll enjoy too.:smile:


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